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Embark on a Spiritual Adventure
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Thanks for visiting my speaking page. Here, you’ll find out more about what topics are important to me that I would love to speak about and welcome you to get in touch with me about speaking at your next event.

As a globe trotter with an international career, I have experienced a huge amount of change in my life. With every new start I have learnt to adapt to new environments and embrace change. I am a believer in the infinite power of possibility and that personal transformation is available for each of us to achieve.

I have learnt how to overcome many personal challenges and losses to build resilience to thrive in my life. I have cultivated myself assurance to new levels to fearlessly rely on my instincts to go after what is important to me to live my soul purpose. I am willing to share my insights and strategies for how to believe in yourself to lead a more fulfilled life. I am an advocate of fostering collaboration and community. When we pool our resources and talents to help each other we are rewarded exponentially. This is the inter connectedness of life that drives us to great things.

I believe we are all longing for connection to our core divine essence and to the greater powers of life. To realize our full potential and make a difference within our circle of influence is at the heart of transforming ourselves to live our Soul purpose. Many of us hear the call of our soul but hold ourselves back from answering it.

Coaching for transformation at the soul level is about deepening the connection to your soul, to journey towards being at one with ourselves. The soul is the personal unique aspect of the self that embraces the essence of our individuality. We come into the world with a purpose and often it is a life journey to fulfill that purpose. We are given clues along the way to guide us in the right direction when we are open to receiving and recognizing this guidance.

We all have a power of knowing what is best for us that grows the deeper we allow ourselves to connect to our souls. This power is evident when we act in the expression of the values that we hold dear to ourselves. We can tune into the longing of our souls to fulfill our purpose through the presence of nature. The wilderness and magnificence of nature can awaken our soul. I encourage you to get outside with curiosity and wonder at the world around you. I encourage you to take time out in nature and tune into how you are feeling and what is alive within you.

If any of what is important to me sparks your interest and you would like to hear more, don’t hesitate to contact me with details of how I can bring my skills and experience to your event.