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Clear Your mind of Clutter and cultivate
a spaciousness to bring forth new ideas

The Life and Soul Coach Spiritual Adventure Retreats

Are you stressed out, exhausted, running on empty, weighed down by life’s challenges, have you lost sight of the larger perspective of what your life should be about?

Do you feel tired of being stuck in the same thought patterns, experiencing low energy levels, unable to generate new ideas and feeling out of touch with your creativity? Are you experiencing obstacles or blocks in your life and don’t know how to get past them?

Are you yearning for a change of scene, a break away to recharge, some inner peace, an inspiring space to retreat to? Come join me in the west of Ireland in Co. Mayo, Ireland’s wildest county situated along the shores of Clew Bay on the Wild Atlantic Way, framed by the Nephin Beg Mountain range. Come and breathe in the scenic vistas to revitalize your senses and invigorate your soul.

Together we will embark on a spiritual adventure, inspired by the natural wild beauty of Ireland and focused on self-discovery. This retreat will take you out of your day to day routine, you will switch off from the demands of regular life where surrounded by the power of nature your stress will melt away.

From this place of deep relaxation, I will coach you through an explorative inner journey to uncover what your soul is longing for and how to use this awareness to transform your life. You will be guided through soul searching exercises to reflect on the purpose of your life and what is most important to you.

You will let go of the need to be constantly on your device and experience the benefits of a digital detox. Without the constant distraction of social media or of your device you will be able to bring your awareness to yourself.

You will learn how to clear your mind of clutter through mindfulness techniques and cultivate a spaciousness to bring forth new ideas and gain new perspectives.

You will spend sometime outdoors, connecting to the energy of nature and experiencing the benefits of fresh air and exercise. You will tune into your body and be paying attention to the power of the mind-body connection. You will use mindfulness practices to let go of tension in the body and generate a new ease of being in the present moment, combined with new peace of mind.

You will connect to all parts of yourself and create a safe space to surface any fears that may be present. You will learn more about what is holding you back from the life you want to live. You will learn mindfulness and meditation techniques, to let go of what is no longer serving you in your life. Through mindfulness training and your new found knowledge you will gain deeper awareness of how to overcome these fears and move past them.

You will create a deeper understanding of your needs and values based upon which to create your soul plan. You will tune into your soul desires to bring deeper meaning into your life.

You will spend time learning how to connect to the flow of life and eternal source of inspiration to bring forth new ideas. You will ignite your passions and experience your creativity soaring to new heights.

You will gain new insights, upon which, you will create a road map to continue your self-discovery journey beyond the retreat. You will depart feeling re-energized and refreshed with a clear plan in place of how to recreate your reality and live your soul purpose.

Spiritual Adventure retreats are tailored to an individual or groups, scheduled over 3-5 days and includes all daily activities. Accommodation, meals and transportation can also be arranged contact me for further information on a sample itinerary and pricing. To begin your journey on finding inner peace, book your place now with Claire, The Life & Soul Coach.