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Mind Body Transformation

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Mind Body Transformation Programs

As a Professional Transformation Coach & certified Mind Body Therapy Practioner, I have developed integrative Mind Body Transformation programs to enhance vitality and wellbeing in my clients.

Mind Body practices are based on the principle that every aspect of our life is in connection with one another.  Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can affect our biological functioning.  Just as what we eat, our posture, the way we move, even our relationships with other people and the environment can impact our mental state.

Mindbody practices develop an embodied self-awareness where we can pay attention to ourselves, to feel our sensations, emotions and movements in the present moment without judgement. 

Embodied self-awareness is fundamental to survival, if we can’t feel the boundaries of our bodies, we will injure ourselves. In the technological culture in which we live today, awareness of our body and vital connection to other bodies has been minimized. Busy people focus on thinking and doing rather than feeling, being and being with

Many of us have learnt from an early age to keep movement to a minimum, to sit still and pay attention to our thoughts rather than our feelings. We have adapted to suppress and contain the body’s natural functions. Everyday life can cause us to lose contact with our sensations, emotions & with the way our body moves, feels and acts

We live in a complex social world of appointments, responsibilities and concerns. Once our attention gets caught up in thought, demands, expectations and stress we have no time to attend to ourselves. Loss of attention to ourselves brings with it additional losses, we risk losing our emotional equanimity, our physical health and our sense of wellbeing.

The foundational philosophy of Mind Body Therapy- is that each person is intrinsically whole- and the role of the practitioner is to help the client clear the debris that is obstructing a person from living from that place of wholeness, ease, and flow.

The path of transformation is as unique as each individual. This integrative approach embraces the interconnection between the body, emotions, cognition, sense of self, relationships, and spirituality; and utilizes that perspective to meet the unique aspects of each client in order to help them achieve their wellness goals.