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Embark on a Spiritual Adventure
with the Life & Soul Coach

The Soul Seeker’s Venture is my signature coaching program designed to connect you to your Soul Purpose

Are you feeling stuck in your life, disconnected from your creative source, overwhelmed, unsure, indecisive, directionless? Are you tired of your life but don’t know what to do or how to get where you want to go?

I work with clients seeking to soar to new heights in their lives, to stretch their limits through a desire to explore and grow. Join me on your personal ‘Soul Seeker Venture’, where I will invite you to bring your whole self along to discover your soul purpose and to find inner peace. Together, on this soul searching journey, we will identify what is holding you back from living the life your soul is destined for and create your Life & Soul plan.

We will start with forming a conscious coaching relationship to define the agreements on how we will work together on your unique journey. We will uncover your needs and values that must be met to move forward. We will welcome all parts of you to be seen and heard, integrating all parts to create harmony with your whole self. Your soul purpose aligns with your values, when your life is coming from a place of integrity with your values, your needs are being met. Often we lack awareness of our needs, creating disconnection with ourselves.

Living your soul purpose means living an authentic and inspired life filled with creativity, passion and intention. 

My role is to encourage you, spend time in providing clarity and create accountability with you for the steps you will take to create your Life and Soul Plan. I coach my clients to find expansiveness, to soar into new realities and gain confidence in embracing their highest potential.

Connected to their personal power these Soul Seekers overcome life’s challenges with unshakable courage, determination and confidence. They glide joyfully towards new beginnings with renewed optimism and self-belief in finding inner peace and happiness.

Your commitment

The Soul Seeker’s Venture consists of a minimum commitment of six hour long coaching sessions taken over a 3 month timeline. The sessions will take place over the phone or using online conferencing technology. In between sessions we will communicate via message, you sharing progress while I provide support as needed.

Are you ready to take charge of your life, to stop feeling overwhelmed and get to a place of alignment, power and connection?  Do you want to free yourself to soar above the clouds to the horizon of your possibility? Click here now to register your details and contact me for a free discovery session