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Coaching programs from the Life and Soul Coach
are available for corporate Leaders and Teams

The Life and Soul Coach CORPORATE COACHING

Coaching for transformation programs from the Life and Soul Coach are available for Leaders and Teams.

Now more than ever, organizations are undergoing major changes. They are struggling to integrate new ways of working meaning their culture, identity, purpose, mission and vision are all impacted. New skills and ways of thinking are critical for success. As a certified coach in the skills of Coaching for Transformation I have the tools you need to unlock the potential of your organization and put your leaders on the path to maximize growth.

Based on 25 years of corporate experience spanning Ireland, Switzerland and the USA, I understand the challenges facing organizations in the disruptive digital age. I bring a wealth of training and experience into my executive coaching and I am skilled at working with a wide variety of clients, cultures and geographies across US, Europe and India. Moreover, I understand the important aspects of organizational culture and speak the language of business.

Being on the leadership team of many transformation programs across the span of my corporate career, I have firsthand knowledge of winning strategies within the business environment. The key success factor I have learned is to keep top focus on the organizational change aspect of the transformation. Leaders need to be clear about the long term direction the organization is going in and the importance behind why they are taking that direction.

Deliberately taking time out to take the pulse of what is going on in your organization is hugely rewarding. Developing insights on what is working well and what is not gives you the power to make conscious decisions to address challenges and to accelerate the wins.

Coaching for transformation programs are designed to provide leaders with the space to step back and reflect on the chaos around them in a constructive way. Personal growth and development are achieved with benefits such as personal insights, increased solution-focused thinking, goal setting and attainment, leadership confidence, resilience, better work life balance and improved employee motivation and relationships.

In Coaching for Transformation, I will incorporate the use of mindful techniques to use in business to enable exploration of different points of view to understand the bigger picture. This will be with the aim to result in employees feeling highly engaged to skillfully shape workplace motivation and culture. Mindfulness in the workplace enables improvement in personal growth and self-awareness leading to increased focus, smarter decision making and navigating conflict resolution.

Developing a growth mindset encourages leaders to be experimental in trying new things and reflecting on the learnings of what the change brings. Often the exact business outcome cannot be determined, having a degree of unknown in the decision liberates the potential to explore and learn. The greatest benefit can be in discovering the lessons as they emerge and embedding flexibility to make adjustments to build in these new learnings along the way.

Whatever business challenges you are facing, work with me as the catalyst to discover the blueprint to enable your leaders to successfully lead your business, to strengthen your team dynamics, to boost your employee engagement strategy and performance, ultimately leading to increased productivity growth. For rapid results, work with me to design an immersive corporate retreat for your executive leaders. Getting your leaders outside of the office, away from the demands of their roles, into a stimulating environment will give them room to breathe to reflect on where they are now.

Contact me for an exploratory discussion, together we can collaborate on bespoke in house or off-site coaching sessions targeting individual leaders and teams.