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How living in a Catskills Cabin revived my Soul

I had reached a point where I was completely drained from all aspects of my life. Energy was literally seeping out of me. I couldn’t stop it. My vitality was almost depleted. I was in a constant state of exhaustion.   City lifestyle, work stress, the lingering grief of my divorce compounded with the devastating sudden death of my father had left me completely drained. Something had to give. I realised that I was on the

How facing a Bear alone empowered me to live courageously

Hiking is a soul level joy for me, I love to get out on the trail and be immersed in nature, it evokes my sense of adventure and takes me to a wonderful place of peace and contentment. Hiking always raises my spirits no matter the conditions. Even on wet days when I am out on the trail, moving my body, one step at a time, breathing in the sights, sounds and smells of the

How a Soul Searching experience in Maui led from despair to inner clarity

A couple of months deep into the traumatic grief of my father’s death of his own volition, I felt so lost and directionless. My heart was broken and my grief was inescapable. I was exhausted, drained, miserable and stuck.  I did not know how to shift it; it felt so raw and intense. Waves of sadness engulfed me and spat me out bruised and battered. I found myself waking up in the middle of the

How personal coaching transformed my life and how it can transform yours

I was all alone, sitting in my corporate Director’s office, more than 3,000 miles and a flight away from Ireland. Reeling from the devastating death of my father weeks earlier, I wondered what in the world I was doing with my life. There is something about the sudden death of a loved one, that feeling of loss has the ability to shock you out of your system and plunge you into the wilderness. Tears were