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How a Soul Searching experience in Maui led from despair to inner clarity

A couple of months deep into the traumatic grief of my father’s death of his own volition, I felt so lost and directionless. My heart was broken and my grief was inescapable. I was exhausted, drained, miserable and stuck.  I did not know how to shift it; it felt so raw and intense. Waves of sadness engulfed me and spat me out bruised and battered. I found myself waking up in the middle of the

How personal coaching transformed my life and how it can transform yours

I was all alone, sitting in my corporate Director’s office, more than 3,000 miles and a flight away from Ireland. Reeling from the devastating death of my father weeks earlier, I wondered what in the world I was doing with my life. There is something about the sudden death of a loved one, that feeling of loss has the ability to shock you out of your system and plunge you into the wilderness. Tears were