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Work with me to find your Soul Purpose & Create your Life Plan

aBOUT Claire campbell, THE LIFE & SOUL COACH

As a life coach and an eternal learner of life, I am deeply curious about all aspects of being, from mind, body and soul. Graduating with an honors degree in Applied Biochemical Sciences, I launched my career as a Scientist working in a laboratory during the era where computer automation was just taking off. Curiosity and my pioneering spirit led me to combine my scientific experience with a post graduate diploma in Computer Systems. Following my sense of adventurous and the direction of my inner compass led me to relocate from Ireland to Switzerland for a job offer and lifestyle change. After a 7 year cycle in Switzerland complete with a divorce decree, I followed the call of my soul to move to the USA to start a new chapter, broaden my horizons and take a change of direction in my career.

“An eternal learner of life”

My soul searching amplified during the five years I spent in the greater New York area. Devastated by the sudden death of my father, I embarked on a spiritual adventure to heal my broken heart, connect to my inner self and find my soul purpose. I worked with influential Coaches, Spiritual teachers, Healers, Practitioners and Guides. I experienced mind, body and soul workshops and retreats across the USA from Maui, Hawaii to the Omega Institute in the Hudson Valley of New York, to Kripalu in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, to Esalen on the coast of Big Sur California, and culminating in an 8 day solo intensive Vision Quest retreat in Sedona, Arizona where I connected to my divine self in soul communication outdoors in the powerful presence of nature.

“I embarked on a spiritual adventure to heal”

Immersed in the wilderness and magnificence of the red rock canyons of Arizona, my spirit heard the calling of the wild, a longing for connection, joy, love, healing, adventure, spiritual growth and soul level knowing of my path. I emerged feeling calm, centered, energized and ready to step out and shine my light so brightly. I felt a calling to help others love and heal, to share my gifts, to appreciate my blessings, to feel confident that the universe is showing me the way forward, to trust in the unknown, to see the bigger picture, to meet my destiny with my arms wide open.

“I felt a calling to help others love and heal, to share my gifts, to appreciate my blessing, to feel confident that the universe is showing me the way forward”

This led to closing a 25-year corporate career spanning many roles of increasing responsibility in leading global teams, I surrendered to a company restructure and the opportunity to launch a new career in coaching. While transitioning out of my corporate role, I enrolled in the Coaching for Transformation program at the New York Open Center and set out on my pathway to become The Life and Soul Coach.

After graduating as a certified professional coach in June 2019, I relocated back to Ireland and found my peaceful cottage waiting for me in the wild West of Ireland on the shores of Clew Bay. Surrounded by the magic of nature, with views of the Nephin mountains and the wild Atlantic Ocean on my doorstep I am energized and excited to live my soul purpose as The Life and Soul Coach. My mission is to inspire you to find your Soul purpose. Together we can navigate whatever is in front of you to create your Life and Soul plan.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Claire Campbell, The Life & Soul Coach

How Can The Life & Soul Coach Help Me?

Claire, The Life & Soul Coach, provides a range of services that are specifically aimed at guiding people to find their life’s purpose and ultimately find inner peace.

Individual Coaching – We will start with forming a conscious coaching relationship to define the agreements on how we will work together on your unique journey. In some coaching sessions we will spend time on mindful practices and meditation techniques, paying attention to being “here” and in the present moment. Read more

Corporate Coaching – Work with me in this executive coaching process, to discover the blueprint to get your business back on track. This is where we focus on leadership development, how to strengthen your team dynamics, boost your employee engagement and therefore overall productivity and performance. Read more

Retreats – Together we will embark on a spiritual adventure, inspired by the natural beauty of Ireland and focused on self-discovery. We will go on an exploration to seek what your soul is longing for, and how to transform your life. Read more

To learn more about me and my journey, or for a more in depth explanation of how coaching has transformed my life and how it can help to transform yours, read my first Life & Soul Blog Post” Read more…